Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Current Position

I'm making this entry from work, since I have gotten lazy again at home I figured I have to do something lest my fans, all two of you, would worry. Today is March 14, known to mathematicians as pie day. Take a moment it will sink in. Anyway, still looking for Ms right or a new future ex wife, to match my other one, at least I will have a matching set then. LOL well not really. But I am here at my current school as an ATR which is a glorified sub. Not a bad gig if you can find it. I have the duties of a day to day sub, but I get my annualized salary and benefits and blah blah. It really is too long and boring of a story to go into specifics, but an ATR is a temporary situation. I have to "find my own" position. An odd proposition considering I have been teaching for 14 years. A chapter leader informed me the current situation is actually better than the old one. I do not see it. I looked online for jobs, and found only one opening on SI, since I live in New Jersey it is the only place that would be amenable to a daily commute. I don't want to go to that school I like the one I am in. Now anyway. Then again, perhaps I can start a trend, the Nomadic Teacher coming to a school near you. Who cares anyway? I do for one. Maybe something will happen that would allow me to stay where I am. For the first time in 14 year I don't know where I will be working tomorrow. (the metaphoric tomorrow, meaning September) I will, however, enjoy it for now.

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