Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Maybe The Hokey Pokey IS What It's Really All About!

Not sure I can live up to the title, but it, like many philosophical aphorisms can be found in the same place. On T-Shirts. When in the mall I am drawn to those kiosks and stores that sell these items and well, standing there reading them, are more entertaining than the latest skit on funnyordie.com. Some have accompanying pictures, some just text, some lame, some insightful; all funny. One or two really stand out, one such saying, as appears in the title, was not merely only a funny saying but a philosophy.

As a kid, I had to do the Hokey Pokey. I had to learn it, dance it, eat, drink, sleep, live and breath the damned thing until I got it right for a kindergarten dance recital. A silly dance really. However, reminiscent of the essay about the empirical knowledge found in kindergarten by Fulgham, there always felt that there was something more. The more? Life is not about the complexities, the intricacies, but it is about the small things. The things we all take for granted.

The Hokey Pokey is a microcosm for all of those small things, from our past and our present that we take for granted and never enjoy when we are experiencing them. We mourn their passing. Armed with this shirt, and the knowledge derived from its sage words, we should take heed and realize that yes, maybe the Hokey Pokey is what it's really all about, and embrace all of the small things we take for granted. Live in the moment. Embrace your loved ones. Tell them you love them, and turn yourself around...,that's what its all about.

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