Friday, July 27, 2007

Bar Bands & the Trash Bar

Yesterday I met a friend in Greenpoint at Teddys for dinner. Afterwards we were going to see a college of ours and his band perform at a place called The Trash Bar. Teddys has been there forever, it used to be an old union hall and dates back to the late 1890's, it is truly a piece of North Brooklyn history. The Trash Bar on the other hand seems to be something directly out of my teenhood and can be any club I saw my friends band in back then. It was small, drinks were inexpensive, decorated in late urban decay, and the price to see the bands were ultra reasonable. That and the tacky TRASH bluish stamp they brand you with completed the timewarp.

We met our colleague outside. He came out because the band before him had extended their set, and to get some air. He said that the bar fries up tater tots as their complimentary bar food and it smelled like the cafeteria at work. (we are all teachers)

When the band that was on stumbled out, beers in hand we followed our friend's band inside. After setting up and playing a loud and decent set of just under an hour, and looking at the crowd, or lack thereof, I wondered how long can one be a bar band? What was in it besides the energy? The fanfare? The fact that for an hour or so you can do what you really want to do? Yes it is worth if for all of those reasons. And when the band is good, I mean really good, you feel like you are part of something good, something big, something worthwhile.

The bars are different, as are the bands. The experience is the same. Electric.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Old Songs And Faded Memories Renewed

I was watching something on VH1 about Fleetwood Mac, and was taken with how 1970's everything was. How there was a scent, a sound and flavor of it all, that I could remember though I was only born in 1970. Then I was reminded of the dulcet tones of Freddy Fender (whom I did not know passes last year) singing "Before the next teardrop falls" It came out around 1974 but was played on jukeboxes until the late 70's which is when I heard it and heard it often. So at 7 or 8 I was listening to Mr. Fender on an old 45 played from a jukebox in a bar.

Nicky, a friend of my mothers, used to babysit back then and he would bring me to the bar which was his second home, though he spent more time there than home. When I hear the song I am taken back to those times. Warm beer,cigarette smoke, sweat and desperation assault the olfactory. I can see the shuffleboard table next to the jukebox and some men playing pool all in leather jackets that seem to look plastic to me in my poloraid memory.

I can hear Freddy wailing as the bartender would let me draw on the backs of Reingold coasters as Nicky Babalooch (not sure the of the spelling but its the italian word for snail cause he was slow as shit) would fall deeper and deeper into a pool of his own drool as his stupor took hold.

The woman at the bar, at the end of the bar, who sat in the same seat night after night and would go home sometimes with a different man, would talk to me. I remember she had too much makeup on and look younger from my stool but when I got close could see she was even older than my mother was at the time. Delores was her name and I remember she told me once that if you drink too much your tonsils grow back.

I smiled and thought she was stupid. I eventually woke Nicky up and we played shuffle board. Every time I was at that bar it was the same thing, and that song must have been played a dozen times, every time.

"I'll be there before the next teardrops falls...." and even the verses that were sung in Spanish were as powerful now as they ever were and I can see why the song was played ad-nauseum, and while songs are truly the most powerful harbingers of memories
it seems that these are some that I shouldn't have. Or perhaps I should be thankful for them as any other.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Relationships Suck Shuffle

Am I unique in the fact that I dont let past bad relationships taint me in my outlook on my next one? Yet again I was broken up with over something I didnt do but that was part of baggage she had carried with her. I was told I did everything to make her feel special BUT perhaps she dived into the dating world too early. Or something else. Yes I appreciate the honesty BUT where is the honesty with yourself?

I am not perfect. Obviously. I am, though, honest with myself and people I meet with the intention of starting a relationship. I will always remember someone I had dated about ten years ago, she broke up with me on the phone and said "I thought I was ready for a relationship, I guess I was wrong." And the hits keep on coming.

Today in all honesty it was only the second date though I was informed that she thought she was ready to date again...catch a running theme here?

Just before her I was told that "I cannot remember a time when someone cared enough to play the music I liked and get me the wine I liked.....CAN WE JUST BE ex came over last night" BLAH BLAH it seems more of the same.

But I am not bitter. I am a 100 percent self sufficient being. Though, I will admit sometimes it is nice to have a little human touch.

If it didnt suck.....

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Weddings, Being Single, And Stuff.

A friend of mine got married recently. I know her husband too, but only as someone I worked with and as "her man". He's pretty cool as well and they seem happy together and I wish them all the luck in the world, though at the wedding I was reminded of why my blog is titled thusly. Aside from the parents of one of the bridesmaids the rest of the table was single. I exaggerate mildly, I mean the circle of my friends. The inner circle that is. Within the inner circle of the few tight bonds we have a buffer of an outer circle and their significant others bolster that to a larger group. And all is good. However my small original core, including some that have fallen off as of late, is single. I was married and now free again, single again, and was reminded at the wedding about a time we went to a comedy club.

About 7 years ago. A big group of us was signaled out by the comedian, "Who here is single?" The only ones in the entire club who raised their hand was at our table. Our entire table. It was met with much laughter and sadness and some jokes from the stage that night. Now, all these years later, the same attendees, are still single. And well, as a departure for me, I don't really think it sucks. I am single again yes, but it was the best for me, and I know that out there will be someone I will fit better with. I know this. I also know this to be true of my fellow singles who shared the table with me, and the half table at the wedding.

Weddings offer the opening page of a new chapter that will no doubt have many volumes, but not only for the Bride and Groom, but for everyone in attendance sharing that splendid moment.


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