Friday, January 05, 2007

Sexual Congress

Some time ago
the sweet mystery of sex
seemed to be an unspoken promise
of transcendence
into adulthood.
While it was that
& infinitely more
knowing pleasure’s secrets
for even the first time,
or the first time it was done right,
hardly seems worth
Innocence’s death
& realizing that some promises
need to be uttered, brought out into the open
or even broken….

Sex’s sweet mysteries
were empty calories
half truths
dreams unrealized.

When all we had was its wonder
its secrets to discover
only then was it as wondrous as it can be
could ever be
Now its made slaves of us all
& all but our lives are sometimes sacrificed
to is almighty power
for a chance to experience what it was like
what it once was
when there was mystery
and a promise…..

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


This has long been a paradoxical time
an equal mix of joy and sorrow....
because it is departure from the past
& hope of a new tomorrow.
Have you ever really known what its like to be alone?

Where were you when the ball dropped?
I was in the heart of Times Square,
surrounded by 478,961 people,
but in that instant it was though
I was the only one there,
silence prevailed in the
slow motion madness
of my mind.

Where were you when the ball dropped?
The happiest of moments
lose their impact
when there is no one to share
them with.

So lets share some champagne
to try and numb the pain,
I will see you here
in another year.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Last Time

Last time we touched was at the beginning for the year
& now Christmas has passed by
& how our lives have changed
& I’ve never felt more alone than I did
lying beside you in the dark
wondering what happened & why we don’t touch…
Dying to know if it could be saved
Or I our relationship perished somewhere
Trying to staple a severed limb back on
It was no use because the damage was too severe
Crying is a futile and useless thing…it is what it is
I should have realized it sooner….

Last time we touched we were married strangers unable to look one another in the eye
In the heart
In the soul
All barren and hopeless
Shattered lives left unmended so long, things left unsaid building to a point where the dam flooded
Tattereed & torn for so long I had to be the stronger
One and halfway between then and now I realized non of it
Mattered anymore if it ever did & said goodbye
Metaphorically and litterelaly and legally. Our future
Splattereed on the windshield of life

Last time we made love I cannot remember the lie
Or the night
But now, a year later, a year w/o touch w/o congress
I am happy because I am free
& left to be able to find something I deserve
someone I deserve
Someone far better than you could have ever aspired to be….

Last time we touched is a distant memory as are the feelings I once had

Happy New Year

New Year is upon us and I am going to be making empty promises about blogging regularly, though at the time I am making said promise I hope to live up to it and will try my best. I am now living in a new state, newly divorced and well it is a new year, so what more can I ask for. I know 2007 will bring good things all around. I will leave you now with this and my first posting. Enjoy.

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