Thursday, October 28, 2010


This year me and my fiance' the lovely and talented MS Rafaela Parillo drove down to Florida again. Yes I did it in my Jeep which has in excess of 220000 miles on it, and yes we made it there and back. This time we stopped several times along the way first in Little River South Carolina. This was a small little spot closer to North Carolina than GA, and very quaint. There was a nice down home feeling there, and well it was a place that one would like to hang his hat and call home. A small local bar called Thee Pour House had some good food, and offered a nice MAN vs FOOD challenge, but alas, we were not going to be there long enough for me to attempt it, and my baby wanted some fancy drink and the Bartender said with a straight face, "Hey lady this is a Redneck Bar, we don't even know what that is" Indeed it was a redneck bar, with good food, and decent priced drinks. A place that I would enjoy going to often. Stay tuned for more tales of the road.

Anyone out there?

Yes I have had some readership in the past, and I know it is my fault you have all abandoned me as I have abandoned you readers. I am back and will post a few times a week, if anything I will get some of you back into the fold, hopefully you will go to barnes and noble's website and take a look at my ebook. Teaching can be murder.

Thanks again.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On Working Back In Brooklyn

This term I was transferred back to Brooklyn, at an alternative learning center. So far, I have had my cell phone stolen and my car had been broken into. My GPS was stolen as well as some other items, such as my time share information that I neglected to remove from my car after my summer vacation. When the incident happened I called the police, who arrived, most likely after picking up their lunch. (a large back of chinese food sat between the two officers. Neither got out of the car, I gather for fear of having their food stolen by the same maurader who absconded with my GPS. They made me fill out a form, asked for my license, registration and proof of insurance, as though I commited a crime, and needed the serial number. I called my fiance for it, and they did not want to wait. I guess cold chinese is a priorty in their police handbook. As I was about to rattle off the number for them they smiled and said "we're leaving" and pulled away. So I guess as anything is in the city, I was truly welcomed back home to Brooklyn. YAH ME!!!!

My E Book

That is right my e book. With a whopping 7 copies sold, and roughly 1.49 for each copy I sell, that is right I have made a killing, and will need to pay taxes on my fat royalty check of $10.43. That being said, it is interesting to have it out there for consumption, though I am having some trouble publicizing it, that and the fact all my friends,in the real world, and facebook, and my contact list, either know what it is about, or have no desire to read it. So I implore you, the people out there in cyberland who may, perchance come across my blog, and realize, Damn this guy has not written in ages, to wander over to and type in Teaching Can Be Murder, and buy my book. It is 4.99 and can be downloaded for most devices, even the PC. Talk about a shameless plug.

Infinie Fortune NYC

I have not moderated my blog in ages and I had a comment about an old blog of what ever happened to Infinie Fortune, and yes it is the one from Nyc, Brooklyn to be exact. It is probably too late to find out now since no one is actually still reading my blog. LOL

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Micurating Metaphors

What of life
of love
of loss
of poetry forgotten?

I used to micturate metaphors
and dehydrate my body
with hyperbolic

Now sated
in love
I wonder where my muse went?

At times I wonder what it would be like
if I could still write
If I still knew what
emotional evisceration was like

Then I look across from me
at my love
my life
my wife
and I know
I am all the better now.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Teaching Can Be Murder

Yes it can be. I should know I have been teaching over 17 years now. I recently put my novel, Teaching Can Be Murder, up on pubit for sale at Barnes and Noble.

Here is the synopsis.

Kyle Jefferies knew that being a Teacher in the New York City public school system was hard, but he didn't know it could be murder. Someone has murdered his boss and the police have quickly arrested a suspect. The most obvious choice is seldom the right one, and Kyle goes on a crusade to find out who is the real murderer.When Kyle gets too close to finding out the truth, the killer sets their sights on him.

So please copy and paste the link to order my ebook. Or do a search with the ISBN number at Let me know what you think. Thanks again!

ISBN: 2940011809224

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