Wednesday, October 26, 2005

WTF? Five Bucks for alcohol Swabs?

I am a diabetic that should be checking his blood daily if not more. I advent. I know I know, but I decided to turn over a new leaf and took my kit to work, to find I was out of all supplies. I had a prescription from a few months ago fro the lancets, strips and swabs. I brought in the prescriptions to the SI ECKERDS or Genovese or whatever they are calling themselves now and showed the man the scripts. He says he will check if he has the items. He picks up everything that I need and tells me to come back in an hour. (yes even though he physically had everything in his hands already) So I figure all right, I had expected to have to come back anyway. Though I said let me pay for the swabs since I did not think my insurance would pay for that. He said it would so I thought nothing of it and left.

When I returned my bill was 15 for items. I said that I didn't think the swabs should have been so expensive and I was told that they never really sold them, and that they only doled them out via prescription as I had been given them. I realized that they are about 2 bucks or less, but since my copay is a standard 5 bucks, I was left holding the back, my sac, and a 5 dollar box of swabs.

Damn, if it didn't suck....
ps my sugar after lunch was over 300
double suck.....

Thursday, October 13, 2005

It Can't Always Rain...?

The past weather that we have been subjected to here in the northeast is of Biblical proportions, or at least the stuff from films. The mood is dour and dreary and depressing and dank and....sorry to be alliterative, but I was reminded of the line of a song that the main character (who is dead throughout the movie) sings in the Crow. Also, the lines uttered by Travis Bickle in one of my favorite films where he hopes, prays even that a rain will come one day to wash the filfth away.

Are these those rains?

One thing is for certain if they say our reservoirs are in need of more rain I will strangle that weather dude. My windshield wipers suck, and I drive a long way. And well, I hate umbrellas, so I am going around soggy. I hate being soggy. I do like the rain, to listen to at night, but hey, not all friggin week, I wonder if it will ever stop and them am reminded of a memorable line, in a mostly forgettable movie. Hey, it can't always rain.


Friday, October 07, 2005

Books and Time Enough To Read

Well this summer I didn't take advice on things to read, instead I burned through a lot of garbage as well as some good items. I read all of Harlan Coben, including his 2 OOP books, all of Gerritsens, which petered out after the second book. And speaking of peters, I am just finishing Jenna Jameson's Autobiography entitled "How to Make Love Like A Pornstar" subtitled "A Cautionary Tale"

It is well written and is peppered with diary pages and pictures, lots of them, and some are in color. The book is humorous, and entertaining, and even thoughtprovoking. I feel that after reading the book you are left with a sense of who this Pornstar is, and where she came from and how she got to where she is and everything in between.

Sorry Maurice, no street but sweet pics


BTW this marks my return to regular postings I know someone had to miss me, even if it only myself.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

ruminations of my ruinations

My friend an I speak about my life, my marriage and my debt, and my health and many other things that transpire. This is MR. ABD now, and well his life isn't the one of a Rock Star, it is, by my strick standards, infinitely better than mine, and all roads seem to point to my marriage. I was getting out of debt, now I am entrenched in it. I was dealing with my diabetes, now I am on double pills and on blood pressure meds. And well, I am more bitter, more jaded, more angry and more cynical, if that is even humanly possible.

I want to throw in the towel sometimes, but, I am not a quitter. I want to leave this situation, but I never run from a problem. And I truly believe that you cannot ever achieve anything of value without great effort. But how long do I have to fight and struggle and preservers?

I grow tired of it all. Everything is an endless cycle of anger pain and despair followed by annoying bullshit.

We don't eat at a dinner table anymore, haven't for a long while. Days go by where we may share about a dozen or less words, and unfortunately I really don't give a fuck. I have grown, not comfortable with this "roommate" of mine, but I just don't care. She gets pissed I don't care. The apathy weighs around my chest like massive slabs of concrete, yet I hold on, for a change, for enlightenment and maybe for her to say she wants out.

I am usually the answer man, the go to guy (because lets face it, I take whatever life sends my way and am still here) but I really don't know what to do. Or even if I want to do anything. And then there are moments, where everything is like it was, but those are growing farther and farther apart.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

AAA, an air compressor and me

My car had been making a funny noise. My Jeep actually. I am a barely living from paycheck to paycheck as it is and I hoped the sound went away, either that or last until the next paycheck. So, I commute back and forth at about 73 miles each way. That's right each way, so my car is very important, but aside from my routine oil checks (which with that drive occur almost monthly) I do not take the car in unless it needs it.

So far so good, I am making it, then, there starts to be this odor, so I turn on the AC, and it gets worse, as does the sound. I shut it immediately and drive home. The next day I have a few car guys (you know these people, they talk about cars and mechanical equipment and you can see the testosterone ooze from their pores as they do so) look at the car. We pop the hood and even I notice the shavings in the belt. It appears that my compressor is eating itself up. The shavings rub into the belt (this belt wraps around the compressor and runs the car. The compressor is a vital part for this belt to wrap around so if it goes, I need to replace it.)

To make sure they are right they tell me to turn on the engine and the AC. There is a sickening wail and screech. My compressor blew.

I call AAA, get towed to the nearest place. Now if it doesn't get fixed or if it isn't ready, I am stranded in SI, which is about the last place I ever want to be so I hope that all will be right in the world.

But this is me remember? I have -682 in my bank account until direct deposit and have no other means of income, so I can a friend. She is willing to help me out. So I am a little relieved, but I am still ready for the other shoe to drop. It does. With a sickening thud. The estimate for the entire repair job is 984 bucks. 615 is for the compressor. I have no options here. Now if I had the gold plan with AAA they would tow me up to 100 miles, but I don't. So I am screwed, or stranded here in Satan Island forever. I call my friend and a lump forms in my throat when I tell her how much the repair is.

She is truly a dear friend and tells me she will still do as she said and get my car out for me. A few minutes before I called my wife, who has a secret savings account I do not know about and once said that now that I am married to her I am not alone I have her family as well. So I asked if it would be all right to borrow money from her grandfather (who had lent me money before for the wedding, and I had paid him back) she said , "well wouldn't it be easier to pay back my friend." So much for familial bonds.

The next day I called around for compressors, to find he jacked the price up over 250. I lodged a complaint with AAA but they got back to me and told me that these repair shops are entitled to mark up a part up to 40 %

So I now owe my friend over 1000 bucks, and my wife doesn't even offer a dime, which is all right because after all if it didn't suck....

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