Friday, September 05, 2008

Summer Update

Yes I know it has been a long, long time since I have written. Summer has come and gone, and usual it was quite ephemeral. As used to be joyous moments which now, are quite plentiful I am happy to say. I am still with Rafaela, as mentioned in the blog entitled the 37 Hour Date, and we live together, and are very much in love. I know, hard to handle syrupyness from someone with this blog title, but its true. Nevertheless, while my heart has been softened in this area, I still feel a rather malaise toward most of humanity. Rubberneckers for example need to have pennies placed on their genitals followed by battery cables and zapped to the point where they can no longer turn to look at anything cept their mirrors while driving lest they feel the voltage coursing through them once again....

But I digress. I am also about to end my sessions with my therapist. This is because, I have seemed to work through the problems that I had when I started, not that I EVER had any problems LOL. Tuesday is probably my last session. For now anyway.

I did not really go anywhere this summer. Fundage issues and all. Though Rafaela and I went to AC for a few days and saw Carlos Mencia. The show was awesome. He did some new material, and some rehashed stuff. He is always funny, as he is one of the few comics who is still wildly politically incorrect. Which is how I try to live my life LOL.

I had spent the whole summer not knowing what position I would have in the fall. When that happens in the DOE, you return to the position you had the previous Spring. I am still an ATR here, and well, quite happy in my position.

Certain things strike me on a daily basis, and many times I forget to remember them. Case in point the above mentioned rubbernecker comments. We were on our way back from AC and the GSP was backed up several exits. The local lane was moving at a decent clip. I, being in the express lane, was not. After about 45 minutes and around 40 feet the crawl came to an end. Everyone was looking at a broke down car on the grassy shoulder. Road rage is a very real thing my friend. And well let's just say a lot of people were lucky I was out of pennies.

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