Thursday, May 17, 2012

My First Novella

Well, while my last few stories that have been published as a means to get my name out there, my next release is all my own. My new novella, entitled LUST, will be released in paperback and eBook this September. The novella, just under 20k words started out as a screenplay I was writing while in my MFA program. As things often happen, life got in the way and whatever floppy disk it was on disappeared with my moving and time marching on in general. When I sat down to write a longer piece of fiction I remembered the genesis of the idea for Lust, and it just flowed right out of me.  It will be available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Booksamillion, and other retailers. I will soon upload the cover art work with the back description of the book. But for now here is the title with my name. I think it looks awesome, what about you?

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