Monday, November 28, 2005

Between Bells

Between Bells
There is nothing more paradoxical than an empty classroom.
sanitary potential,
& hopes
& dreams
& fights / anger / love / youth
faded , fleeting images, emotions, lives
begging someone to take hold
& rekindle some flames of desire
to learn
to yearn for knowledge

Tis the season....

I want some cool shit. Sorry. I know how that must sound but I want some cool shit for Christmas. I do not want to give anyone a list, I still like surprises, but please, get me some cool shit. I will give a list of things I DO NOT WANT.

1. World Peace, lets face it, we do not get along, why fake it, if I wanted to try to believe in something fake I would buy the fake that it really was an orgasm she had.

2. Ties.

3. Books you think I will like

4. Slipper socks, what the hell are they anyway? They are too flimsy to wear to throw out the garbage and too bulky to stick into real slippers

5. cutesey nic nacks - They aren't that cute.

This has been only a partial list, I may add to it, but just get me some cool shit. Thanks.

Peace All

Thursday, November 24, 2005


I had chicken today, no Turkey. Though the meal was satisfying and the desserts nearly put me in a diabetic coma, there was something missing. Not sure what it is, perhaps family, friends, or the over commercialized circus it has all become...I don't know. What I do know is:
1. I got a few days off, 2. I got a pecan crunch cheese pie with my name on it, 3 I do not have to venture out on black Friday, 4....Well we are a hell of a lot closer to Christmas

Monday, November 14, 2005

Vinnie The Banker and Advice on Women

Vinnie the banker, once said to me, that you should treat a whore like a lady and a lady like a whore. I do not know how sage that advice is, but it worked well for him. I guess the words have been distilled to their most base, but essentially the core of it is to do the opposite, to be ironic. There is a book entitled "How to Be the Jerk Women Love" and it describes ways to be a jerk, and according to the writer, it works and women throw themselves at him. A really hot chick, well you cant put her on a pedestal, she is used to it and will eat that shit up. So you got to knock her down a few pegs. It works. To what end I don't know. Head games suck, true, but sometimes my friends they are the only game in town and you can have a hell of a good time playing.

My hat is off to you Vinnie and my prayers are with you wherever you are I know you are still chasing those skirts.


Sunday, November 13, 2005

Man Shot Dead After 50 Cent Movie Screening

What a shock. A movie such as this claims that it is about the struggle, the game the blah blah blah. The media try to blame the film, the victims try to blame the movie, the star the director,the whatever. Why don't you be honest and say it was the people who went to the film. While "Man Shot Dead After Chicken Little Movie Screening" may not sound as gangter, it can happen. Fueding car pools, AN WHAT PUNK? Damn just when you thought it was safe to go to the movies again, oh well.

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