Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Could it Be....Hmmmm Satan????

Now I am not saying that Used Car Salesman are in league with Satan, but if there were ever a poster boy for the term "Snake Oil Salesman" it would be this guy we met at the SANSONE lot in Union County, NJ. We came in to buy my baby a car so she can get to and from school. We had been to at least six places that day and everyone had what was adversites but not. Meaning the cars were there but they really did photograph better than they looked in person.

We decided hey, why not try a big lot. We did, and why several guys tripped over themselves to make a sale we were seated with one guy that seem to ignore everything we said. He kept offering us deals we said we could not afford. We gave a definite no at one point and left. We noticed a hushed huddle behind us as we got into my jeep.

Ushered back in to a big wig, he tried to offer us the same deal. Going back up to the first price we said was too high it was like watching a bad rerun. Finally we were offered a financing deal that was not too bad. We said all right. I may have imagined the big wig rubing his hands and laughing manically but I do not think I did.

Anyway after all was said and done we came back to pick something up and we saw this one guy that looked so slimy and greasy there were sticky green tracks when he walked. There was an aire of brimestone about him as we glided by us and an almost demonic glee in his eye....

I wondered why in all the places we visited that day there were no women salesman. I guess women sell their souls for things more imporntant than their commission.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dr. Quack Quack Fights Back...Well, Not Really.

So we have been busy since the last update. We visited the Dr. the next day and well, he did not seem as concerned as he should be. He also asked about PT, which I guess he forgot he already made her do. This, by the way, we have not gone to since then, and will likely need to ammend the activities once there. The pretzel body twisting just makes my baby feel worse after the session. Anyway the Quackmeister also asks about an orthopedist which we had seen, but did not tell him about. This is interesting insofaras he was the one who had given us the script to see both the therapist AND the ortho. He decided maybe he should up the pain meds and coupled it with another drug. This weekend had been an active one, so if the meds would have helped on a typical day, our days have not been typical so the pain, is still there. Our next step is to see a neurologist as per directive of the Ortho. We shall see....

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Healthcare and the Honorable Dr. Quack Quack

My baby, Rafaela, has long suffered from back pain. Years ago, she was diagnosed with DDD (not a twist on Dungeons and Dragons, but rather) degenerative Disk Disease. I know you may say hey, isn't that what my computer gets? But no, it isn't. If you think it is, well you need some help that I am not capable of giving, so stop reading and go get some help. Still with me? Good. Well she has not been insured for some time and has gone to the clinic. They are all so great insofar as they all nod like bobbleheads, pat you on your head, and send you on your way. With no medicine, no treatment and, well no anything. One Dr. Even had to look up the spelling for LUPUS, so I tell you what is the fate of the country when the people who are supposed to help us get better cannot even spell a simple ailment. I am not even going to go into the PA who did not know how to turn on the damn light in the exam room either.

Anyway. To make a long story short. Now with insurance she had seen a DR. complaining of the severe back pain, and mentioned the previous diagnosis, seeking some help. "Have you tried alleve or advil?" He asked. OH MY GOD! WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT? Yes you quack quack bastid. I have, so he prescribed something a little stronger and then recommended PT. And of course at PT they twist her like a pretzel making the pain worsen. After the MRI she gets at her urging for a script to get one, it comes back with a report and a CD, we look at the cd. Not knowing much you can see the disk degeneration. It can be noticed because all the disks have black spaces with a sort of light coloration in between except for two places that are all black denoting other problems.

The report listed several problems, all worse than the others. The Dr who did not listen and thought she was either a hypocondriac a drug seeker called the house to inform my baby that she needs to come in immediately to discuss some abnormalities on the MRI. DO YOU THINK??????

In any rate we go back there tomorrow. It should be enlightening.

What I Am Reading #2

Rizzoli and Isles. It became a show on TNT last season and I could not wait to see it being a fan of the novels who created the namesake characters. These characters where created lovingly and with great care by the romance novelist turned Thriller writer Tess Gerritsen. TNT took their names and reworked them making them a pastiche of what is popular at the moment and totally raping the memory of great characters.
I have long since stopped watching the show, but await with anticipation for the latest installment of the novel. ICE COLD was published earlier this year, and is a follow up to last years Keepsake. This novel involves the heroines being seperated for most of the book and one is presumed dead. The first half takes Isles to a conference half the country away where she gets invovled with a ski trip gone awry and a weird cult. While it did not have the cerebral kick that Keepsake had, it was a good thriller that will grab you early on and does not fail to surprise you and take you for a ride. In a good way. I would highly recommend this book, as all of her others in this series.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


This is one of the few islands off of Savanah and it is an awesome beach island with local shops, sand, surf, and my baby's favorite; fishing. There is a small aquarium before the beach that has been known to save sea turtles and they had a great exhibit there. The admission was about $5. for adults but was nice and well worth the brief excursion, and since it is right adjacent to the ample muni meter parking area, I say it is a must. A lot of the restaurants along the islands main street offer lunch special and tropical drink deals as well. If we had thought about it a head of time we may have chosen the island as our stopping point along our sojourn.

City Market is a hub of activity. There are shops, restaurants and here is where you can get an awesome hansome cab tour of the city. It is also where the bus stop is to catch most of the tours that are offered in this wonderful city. The market has many stores that cater to Savannah made products including Savannah's Candy Kitchen. It is to die for, and being Diabetic, I almost did. LOL

You can check out city market and the stores there by clicking below.

Friday, November 05, 2010

What I Am Reading #1

Stephen J. Cannell recently passed away, and the Television world will miss him but, with his last novel, Prostitutes Ball, I do not thing the mystery world will. This is to say that his last novel. That was published around the time of his untimely passing is so bad, and meandering I would think that perhaps he died of embarrassment that he actually wrote and planed to publish this. I am a fan of the Shane Scully series and a few of his stand alone books as well. Those are all well written and stand up to any of his brilliant TV writing. This novel, however, lacks depth, character development and the plot is onion skin thin. One would hope that another novel is out there waiting to be published posthumously. Borrow it from the library if you are a completest like myself. If not skip it altogether.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Credit Card? I Don't Need No Stinkin Credit Card!

So in any rate, Since meeting the love of my life, I have not felt in the mood, shall we say of the tone of my old blogs. Nevertheless, every so often something happens that just reminds me why I titled this blog thusly. The other day I paid a credit card off completely so I could pay some bills. My bank account was then overdrawn by the amount of my payment but now I have several hundred dollars available to pay some bills, get gas and some groceries, right? WRONG! Some merchant that I had used in the past had apparently been hacked and my card is in jeopardy. So they placed a block on it. Mind you, I paid it off two days ago and money became available today, and today, a few hours into the day, at around 9 am they placed a block on it. Now I have to cancel my card and get a new one, which will take 7- 10 days. Business days. I asked if i can take out another cash advance (all i was able to get was the 200 earlier that morning) they said no. Can I transfer my payment to my other card. Not possible. Can I buy groceries and pay my bills. Negatory son. So I am wincing as they pull the opened umbrella out of my ass. If it didn't suck........

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Paula Deen And Savannah (ROAD TRIP II)

Savannah. What more can you say about it other than it is a beautiful place to visit, and well, probably live if you were lucky enough. One of the things my baby wanted to do, even before we had planned our trip was to go to Lady and Son's. Which is Paula's Deen's restaurant in that part of GA. They do not, however, take reservations. Though what they do suggest is arriving at 10am on the day you want to dine there and get a time for a seating. So we arrived at around 11am, when the line was just disappating and got a 7:15 seating. Now we had a whole day to waste before our dinner time. When we did get there for our meal it was well worth it. Tony our very dilligent and oddly out of place waiter was a force to be reckoned with. I would no sooner get halfway through my soda when BAM he would be there with a fresh glass. (I say out of place because he looked like he walked off the set of Goodfellas, but had a southern accent, it was an odd combination.) The food was excellent. Rafaela ordered off of the menu and I had the buffet which was rife with Southern favorites. The only thing that was better than the service and food, was the pecan pie. It was the best pecan pie we had ever tasted. Buttery crust, warm and sweet and well, Paula if you want to adopt another son I am here. LOL

Damn. Now I am hungry. Shocking. Tomorrow or Friday I will post about Tybee Island.

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