Thursday, February 16, 2012


Great news, TEN SILVER BULLETS is now available at Amazon in Ebook for the low low price of 2.99. It features my story Rhodesian Nights and several other amazing stories by some of the hottest new writers in the genre. If you are a tradionalist, and love the feel of a book in your hand you can order the Trade Size paperback at Barnes and Noble for 10.04. It is also available at Amazon, but for a few dollars more.

To get the Kindle version just click here: Ten Silver Bullets

To order the paperback at, Just click here: Ten Silver Bullets

Sunday, February 05, 2012

News!!! Upcoming anthology.

While the recent anthology, Wake Up Dead, is still available in Paperback and E book, I have recently been notified that I will be appearing in an upcoming book and eBook, this time its all
about the werewolf. Once again it will be compiled and edited by the author Adam Millard and feature some awesome and original stories by myself, Suzanne Robb, Chantal Boudreau and many more talented writers.
The new anthology will be coming soon and, as always, will be available in eBook and paperback on amazon, and in paperback EVERYWHERE. Hope you pick up a copy, hell pick up several. Check back for a release date.

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