Sunday, September 23, 2007

Oral Surgery and a Not So Gentle Reaffirmation

Just when I thought it was safe to change the title of my blog, I was reassured that yes If it didn't truly the story of my life. Or my life thus far, ever the optimist I always say. So, on one Saturday at GreenGirl's house there was a BBQ, It was great and at one point I popped some sugar free gum into my mouth, chewed and out came my crown. No one believed my crown came out so I showed it off much to my friend's other guest's revulsion. (I apologize for the poorly constructed sentence)I called the Dentist for an apt to put it back in.

Over the following few days I get a pain in the other side of my mouth, in a tooth that I believe I may need a root canal in, but no worries my apt is the next day. I go in, and he x-rays the tooth and says it is abscessed and sends me to an oral surgeon. He wont even cement in my fallen crown. I leave, very much in pain.

I find that my insurance only lists 2 Oral Surgeons in all of NY and NJ combined. I call one, He only has hours every other week and is booked. I call the other, no appts until the following month!!!! I ask them what am I supposed to do for a month, the woman to whom I addressed the question sweetly replied, "take painkillers," and then hung up on me.

I called the other one back and there was by divine intervention an opening. I went there and found that I needed an APICOECTOMY. Which means that there was a sist and infection between the roots of an already root canaled tooth. They had to drill into the side and scrape out the infection and biopsy it, as well as clean it all out.

After being stitched up, and having the post surgical pain begin to take its hold on me, I asked, "So doctor, what causes this?"
He looked at me and placed a hand on my shoulder and said,"Bad luck son, nothin' but bad luck." and then he mosied on his way.

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