Friday, February 29, 2008

Februrary: An Update

It has been a month since my last blog, not so good in keeping things up, so I will make this a brief, or not so brief update. I joined a writers meet-up group, which has potential. That is potential to be a really good thing for me to continue my writing and encourage me to press on, or something with the potential to piss me off and make me never want to write again. LOL. I joke about the last part obviously. It is new and seems very promising so far. It is a small group so far, that is non judgemental and encouraging about individual writing and writing in general. We don't focus on a particular style and members of the group write memoirs, poetry, fiction and screenplays. I look forward to its next meeting.

Another update, is that I guess I have taken another break from dating. Since my relationship that I previously discussed ended in December, I have dated two more women. One, I went back to the sistahs and found myself thinking why should I not date them. They all can't be like my ex wife. LOL. Needless to say after two really nice dates, she said that there was, to quote Chuck Woolery, no love connection. She, like many, wanted to be friends, I, as usual, wanted a clean break.

After her I spoke to a few women, and went out on a date with a divorcee like myself. We had dinner at aarirangs and well it seemed as though she could not wait to leave. Also, she asked to borrow 2 bucks for the valet. Which I gave her. Needless to say that whole scenario and the dinner, left a bad taste in my mouth. Monday will be a month since I had a date, though I am still talking to a person or two.

American Bistro on Staten First of all, I went there with greengirl to see Queen Tipsy. The date was changed and when reservations were made the person in charge neglected to mention that the Thursday show was now a Friday show. And reservations were made for the show for the 28th. When we showed up, we were in the book for the 29th and blah blah. It must have been an oversite. Yes, and we only killed about two hours at a Dunkin Donuts before the dinner and show. So, ok, no show, we could have a good meal right? Wrong. They didnt have one of the items on the special menu, nor did they have the ingredients for a drink we wanted. The well done steak came out bloody pink, and the mashed potatoes were cold. The only saving grace was their signature onion butter that was actually very very good, though it is not quite enough to make me return.

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