Monday, April 02, 2012

Writing for free PART DEUX

Well, I didn't win a few contests I had entered which were announced yesterday. But I was able to get a new story into the EZINE Sirens Call. I am waiting to hear back from them. While I do like write, sometimes narrowing down ideas can be a bit difficult so I do like it when there is a theme. It gets me pissed at first because I am like what the hell can I do with that? Then, slowly it begins, sometimes a bit too slowly, then the floodgates open. The piece I started for Sirens Call was going to be flash fiction then I overshot the word count and was still not done, so I reworked the story and just made the word count max. It was a good feeling to finish something, something that I believe is very good. Even if it is not accepted into the EZINE, I have another story under my belt, and my writing output, in general, is gaining momentum. I have finished a novella that I am going to be shopping around, and have another novella that I am, sadly, dragging my feet on. Once that is done I will shop that one around too.

I am still thinking about the writers with name recognition that are upset with people like myself that are not in the publics eye giving stories to anthologies for "free" for said name recognition. I know how hard it was for you to break in and how hard it is to "break in" in general, but why is there such an animosity for doing this? It makes no sense to me. Many of these authors are selling ebooks almost exclusively. So am I.

My book was not selling, no one knows me. Putting my stories in a book with other authors and having it reviewed, hopefully, I will find an audience, and I can sell my novellas and my novels. Until then what is the problem with finding an anthology that "will make money on writers stories" if the mere exposure can help?

Any opinions? Please leave me a comment.

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